Caledonia Auto Supply celebrates 25 years in business

CALEDONIA – Twenty-five years ago, in July of 1989, Caledonia Auto Supply first opened for business at 269 Argyle St. North. Since then they have become the number one independent supplier of replacement parts for all makes and models of cars and trucks, both domestic and import.

Wednesday they celebrated their silver anniversary with a vintage car show and barbeque and used the occasion to collect food for the local food bank.

“It goes back many years ago,” said owner Rick Morris.” I have been in parts since I got out of high school. I started off with a John Deere Farm Dealership and then went on to McCurley-Milen, which is an automotive parts store in Hagersville. From there, I was asked to be partners with someone to open a store in Caledonia. So, in July we made that happen and became a McCurley-Milen, which was bought out by Car Quest and then bought out my partner probably 10 years after that and shortly thereafter became a part of Vast Automotive group. We became an Auto Valued Member 10 years ago. So it’s actually something I’ve done all my life.”

It has been a lot of work over the past decade and a half, but Morris is still enjoying himself.


“It’s been a lot of fun,” he says. “We’ve had a lot of great customers and had a great staff over the years that have helped me through these 25 years. You have a great team there’s no doubt about it.”

The anniversary also brought out representatives from Morris’ suppliers who were on hand to congratulate him for his years of service to the community’s drivers.

Barry Sullivan, business development manager from Vast Automotive Distribution, referred to Morris as one of their most valued members.

“He’s loyal and hard working,” said Sullivan. “He’s always looking to grow his business but he’s a man of the community as well. We stand behind Rick 100% in everything he does and he just keeps growing. It just goes to show you that what can be done with a positive attitude and an excellent team. He is just a great, great person to work with and it’s a privilege to have him as a customer. Personally I always put Rick up as an example to all our other customers. He’s a very hard-working individual.”

Employee, Joe Kalan has kind words to say about his boss.

“He helps out every derby guy that comes in here,” says Kalan. “He’s always willing to help a derby guy and even a couple of race cars now out in Ohsweken and one in Flamborough.”

Morris has no immediate plans other than to continue what he has been doing.

“We have really outgrown the building but we are finding places to put parts, even if it’s under the rug,” he laughs. “Definitely the business is growing and the amount of inventory we have to carry is expanding, but we are managing. We welcome new customers and garages to check us out.”

Most of Caledonia Auto Supply’s parts carry a 90 day to 1 year North American warranty, meaning, if you are travelling to the USA, your parts are covered under warranty and can be replaced at no charge from any AutoValue parts store.

They offer both retail and wholesale and free delivery to most locations.

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