Style House Salon, Open for Business

The opening of a new business is always a cause for celebration, and so it was especially for the Grand Opening of Style House Salon at 292 Dundas Street in London, Ontario.

The proprietor is Chantel Antone, who resides in London, and whose family hails from Oneida of the Thames. Although she already had the business open to the public, Chantel wanted to have an official opening, to invite friends, family and clientele. Chantel’s interest in hairstyling began when she took a course in grade nine; she enjoyed it and excelled at it and she continued taking it every year. In grade 12 she did a co-op placement with a hairstyling establishment, which led to her first job. She worked at that salon for about three years, did really well just as an assistant and then the girl she worked for went to work for another salon where Chantel followed.

She worked there for two years before she gave birth to her son, Christopher. He was in and out of the hospital a lot when he was first born, and Chantel took a leave of absence from work to be with him and to finish the hairstyling course she had enrolled in before he was born. When she was finished her course, she began working.

Previously known as Phantom Hair, the owner wanted to sell her business to Chantel so that she could set up a new business elsewhere. Chantel took up this idea, discussed it with friends and family and received much encouragement to go for it. Blessed with a creative spirit and talent to match, Chantel put together a business plan and presented it to Tecumseh Development Corporation.

Within very short order, her plan was approved and she was granted the funds to take over the business known previously as Phantom Hair. She changed the name and redecorated a bit, leaving much of it as it was, since it already presented a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Brandon, a local artist, presented her with two of his paintings which now adorn the waiting area in the rear of the salon. Style House Salon is conveniently located in the downtown core, near Dundas and Wellington.

Both are main streets, bustling with traffic on wheels as well as pedestrians going through downtown towards Victoria Park or City Hall. Chantel says she is overwhelmed with her dream coming to fruition as quickly as it did. “I’ve been doing hair since I was 16 years old and I’m 28 now. I took a little break when my son was born, and once I got back in it was full force… and I can’t believe we’re here, opening a business!” Chantel’s son, Christopher, is now seven years old and she has a second child, baby Madison, born in April of this year.

Madison has already been a regular at Style House, occupying her playpen in the waiting area, patiently spending some of the day with her mommy to make the transition to babysitter a little easier on both of them. Mallory had this to say, “Chantel’s got a lot of guts; I couldn’t do that – put together a business plan to get the money to open a business. She’s really got a lot of courage!” Those words were echoed many times over during the evening, as congratulations flowed like water, babbling through the brook, over the rocks again and again.

The doors were open at 6:00 p.m. and Chantel, along with her employment team, Mallory and Jordan, esthetician and fellow stylist respectively, greeted guests and invited them to partake of never ending platters of tiny pastries, colourful chunks of fruits and veggies, wine and cheese and a non-alcoholic punch. Guests were sad to leave, though Chantel presented everyone with a little gift for attending and a few stayed to see Chantel close the doors and lock up. Kudos, Chantel, and may others travel in your steps behind you! For information on business hours, etc., phone Style House Salon at 519-432-6888.

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