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  • Summer Squash

    Summer Squash0

    Markets are filling up with summer favourites like sweet corn, all sorts of berries and more. I feel an often underappreciated vegetable group is the summer squash. A few varieties that fall into this category are crookneck, scallop (patty pan) squash, marrow and zucchini. These underappreciated vegetables are great at any stage of their growth.

  • A Refreshing Chilled Pea Soup

    A Refreshing Chilled Pea Soup0

    Last Wednesdays event at the Our Sustenance greenhouse marked the end of the most recent instalment of Healthy Roots. I was asked to prepare some tasty seasonal food for the event. Even with the unseasonal amount of rain we’ve been having there were still a lot of fresh local ingredients to cook with. It was

  • Garlic Scapes

    Garlic Scapes0

    I am fond of this time of year for many reasons. The most recent reason I’ve added to the list is harvesting the scapes from fall planted garlic. This is the second growing season that I’ve participated in growing more than I could in a typical home garden. The scapes are the young, tender stocks