Diversity is essential

I am a child of the eighties. Back then there was a deadly cartoon from Japan called “Voltron” that was similar to transformers. What made the cartoon exciting was the way the robots would assemble together to form a giant multicoloured robot that destroyed enemies the group couldn’t handle individually. What I especially liked was the asymmetrical diversity amongst robots while in super Voltron form.

In following with this analogy, I believe the Peacemaker felt the same way when he saw the first fifty Hodiyanesoh (chiefs) in action back when the League of Nations was formed. He had great wisdom in achieving unity without imposing uniformity. Can you imagine if all nations were assimilated together as Onondaga or Kanienkehaka? The unique and vital message of the Gayansrakowa is the freedom to be united together while maintaining diversity.

In contemporary Six Nations politics we tend to view our diversity as an embarrassing display of splintered “factions.” It is time to find a way to respect one another’s differences. What would it look like if we stopped expecting everyone to conform to our own personal ideas of correctness?

Each visible group within our Territory has strengths that are evident when you think it over. I expect us to come together and form like Voltron once again as the day approaches when we reunite as the great League of peace and diversity that we were meant to be and always have been been.

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