The aliens have landed

The aliens have landed. It’s been three years since we’ve signed an intergalactic peace treaty with them, but something is wrong. More and more of them are arriving and taking refuge on earth.

Although their advanced technology is much greater than ours, they cannot stop the spread of a cosmic plague they brought from their home planet that is infecting and killing humankind. All of the gifts they gave to us were laced with deadly microbes.

Scientists have estimated three quarters of the global population are gone. There are reports on the news that people are going missing near their massive colony that has displaced millions of honest, hardworking citizens. This could be the fall of human civilization, but we have one hope — we are sending some of our children survivors to the aliens’ mothership that is docked near the sun. There they will receive a better education and when they return home they will be able to help earth recover from this horrible disaster.

The aliens have assured the United Nations that the human children will receive the best of care and that parents can visit them once every year. We are sending all of our children because we want them to be safe and have the best opportunities in the future.

These aliens also claim that they know the universe and have actually travelled the stars all the way to heaven. They say that our religious books are incomplete and that they have a greater knowledge of truth than us. We have told them we have our own spirituality but the aliens will not hear it. Our children will learn alien religion as part of their education.

We have assurances from the Queen of their galaxy that we will not be harmed. We signed a treaty with the Queen through her ambassadors so it means that we are equals, she would not make treaties with her subjects. Complete autonomy has been retained.

There have been small outbreaks and clashes but it seems that they are keeping in line with the peace treaty. If their leadership should declare war on us we would be completely annihilated and destroyed.

They are dealing with the United Nations, they must respect our authority here on our home planet. It would be a shame if we were rounded up like animals and put onto small patches of land.

Our future as it seems, is in the hands of our visitors.

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  1. Again, no one notified me so there can be no intergalactic treaty. The QUEEN still owes us a ton of money, actually about 700,000 tons so no, these outsiders can’t have any :) LOL.

  2. by when is the official ruling of new world expected out of alien community?

      1. Thank you for the reply my dear friend. My question meant, by when will the public know and accept the official ruling of a new government called Aryan z galactic government.

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