Authentic hickory smoked BBQ on the Grand

There is nothing like the smell of food being grilled on the barbecue to get your mouth watering. If you are a barbecue fan and find yourself at Six Nations on the north shore of the Grand, be sure to follow your nose to Big Jim’s BBQ on Highway 54.

This little gem on the rez is serving up all the classic meats you would find in a southern competition style barbecue; pulled pork, beef brisket, pulled chicken and some fantastic smoked chicken wings each given a beauty bath in a homemade BBQ sauce that’s got people hooked.

Jim Jacobs is the owner and barbecue aficionado who learned how to cook up that southern smoked goodness the traditional way; by watching and getting insider secrets from his buddies in the competitive barbecue world while he lived in the American South.

Big Jim’s signature flavour comes from a wood-fired smoke barbecue. “As far as I know we are the only place in Ontario doing it the old fashioned way of using only hickory wood as the heat and smoke source. That’s genuine Pit BBQ!” said Jacobs. That means Jim is hauling wood, chopping it, building the fires and getting the hickory coals just right to bring competition style barbecue right here to Six Nations.

“To me and other BBQ connoisseur’s that have a deep appreciation for the art of barbeque there is nothing like the original way of cooking with wood. It just tastes better plain and simple” said Jacobs. “Some think there is way too much work in cooking this way but I learned to work hard at an early age. I was raised at Delaware Farms in Smoothtown and loved every minute of it. Starting in the hay fields when I was 9 with my Grandpa, uncles, cousins, and friends of the family. We’d throw bales from sun up to sundown.”

The menu is chock full of classic barbecue side items; coleslaw, baked beans garlic mashed potatoes and cornbread muffins. But it is the Jacob’s family recipe for Nana’s homestyle baked mac and cheese that has people coming back for seconds. This is a classic dish that comes from Jim’s days working on the Montour family farm. Jacobs said, “The best part of the day was coming in for lunch and supper where Nana, Mom, and all my aunties had a table full of food to feed all the boys. This is where our top selling side, “Nana’s Mac n Cheese” comes from.”

It’s these warm, simple, honest to goodness homestyle touches paired with hickory smoked goodness that keeps people coming back to Big Jim’s again and again. “My Mom, Nana, and Aunties showed me all the love that goes into cooking. They were always happy to cook for their family. It would always put an even bigger smile on their faces to watch their families enjoy the food they prepared. And I feel the same way when all of our customers leave with a smile and keep on coming back.”

If you’re looking for something sweet to round out the meal, Jim’s Fried Apples are where it’s at. Simple pan fried apples with warm spices and a dollop of whipped cream are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without going buck wild. The perfect conclusion to a meal packed with flavour.

Big Jim’s BBQ is located at 986 Highway 54 on Six Nations of the Grand Territory in the Old Log Cabin. It is predominantly a take-out counter but there is some seating indoors and outdoors. Summer hours are now in effect Tuesday to Saturday 11am-8pm and Sundays 1pm-7pm; closed Mondays. Take-out, delivery and catering are all available.

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