Haudenosaune Healer Jane Burning New Book on Holistic Well-being

Six Nations own Jane Burning, a healer and energy worker, will soon add best selling author to her credentials – the Seneca woman is a featured expert in a book all about holistic personal transformation being released today.

The book is called “Rapid Change for Busy Heart-Centred Women” and it is a compilation of 24 different authors, all empowered females and all experts in their own modalities, with thirty lessons on how to grasp personal transformation and walk forward in a balanced way.

Burning is the lone indigenous author in the collective. Following the significant traumatic impact of the sudden death of her brother when they were children and the discovery of her subsequent healing journey Burning says she was called to do energy healing.

janeburningShe studied the healing arts of Reiki and other specific healing modalities to become an energy healer at the cellular level. Through personal fasting and prayer, Burning says she was given insight into the entire souls journey – from pre-birth onward – and shown the original instructions that human cells are given when they are birthed into creation.

It was during a certain fast a few years ago when Burning travelled into the bush to fast and pray and she received a message during about what she calls a “sacred bundle of love” that rests in the heart centre of every person. That bundle carries the original instructions we are all given by the Creator pre-birth. She says, “We can rise above anything when we are heart centred and connected to our source energy. We can raise our vibration to see beyond any pain here. That is really the truth about who we are is that purity, but a lot of people get stuck in the victim energy whether its historical or just from childhood.”

Burning explained that when an individual goes through a traumatic experience that there is a spiritual bookmark of sorts that rests in the lower brain, remembering the flight or fight response of those moments. When a traumatized individual then reaches adulthood and is emotionally triggered by an event, suddenly that spiritual bookmark is activated and the traumatized person behaves based on the bookmarked responses of those beliefs and thoughts of the past. Burning has a studio in her home on Six Nations where she guides her clients through the journey of releasing energy blockages to enable them to heal by coming into balance and growing beyond those traumatic bookmarks.

The book is compiled by Loretta Mohl, an acclaimed healer who has put out a number of books on dealing with trauma. After the sudden traumatic death of her husband, Mohl developed something she calls Focused Intention Technique, accessing the body’s natural ability to heal itself by drawing energy from creation and bring the body back to it’s whole state. Through this technique Mohl was given the opportunity to work with Residential School Survivors across Canada to tap into inner healing.


Mohl’s website says, “Rapid Change for Busy Heart-Centered Women who want to be their best version is leading the way for women to transform themselves in the 21st Century. The heart heals all, allows for patience, gratitude, emotion, simplicity, generosity, grace, understanding, awareness, life force, and meaningful intention that allows for letting go.” The book is available for purchase today on amazon.com. Burning is also available for consultations through her studio, Jane Burning Holistic Consulting Services on Six Nations. You can visit her website www.janeburning.com or cal (519) 445-1904.

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