Understanding metabolism and your body type

By Jason Hill

Pro-Fit Health Clubs

HEALTHY ROOTS – You may have wondered how some people just seem to be able to eat whatever they want. How come Bernadette in accounting can snack all day long and not gain a single pound? Meanwhile it feels like you’re waiting an eternity for your next meal.

As it turns out, science has been able to provide some amazing answers to this quandary. Answer to why some people tolerate and use carbs very effectively. Answers to why some of us tolerate fats the same way. And of course, answers to why we all hate Bernadette.

Hand Scale

The following portion suggestions follow the “hand scale”. The size of your hand, unique to you, will be an easy and simplified way to asses how large meals should be to help any fitness goals you’d like to achieve.

1Body Type Info 2



I am an ectomorph. The beginning of most peoples physical structure; the Ectomorph can indeed tolerate carbohydrates very well as their primary source of energy. With low body fat percentages, they have no problem metabolizing the typically large amounts of carbs in their diet and not so readily storing it as potential body fat. However, the Ectomorph has notorious trouble making use of the surplus of energy gained from fats in their diet. This method reflects their macro-nutrient composition of choice.

1Body Type Info 3

I am a mesomorph. This body type is usually the goal of most fitness enthusiasts. Equally making use of both carbohydrates and fats for fuel, they have a much easier time performing feats of athleticism and endurance due to this. They tend to have a fair balance between carbs and fats in their diet to make sure their caloric needs are met.

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I am an endomorph. This final body type is where most people looking to improve their health and fitness start out. Former patrons of the other two types, due to a larger body fat percentage, the endomorph usually doesn’t tolerate the quick and easy energy carbohydrates can provide and often will cause them to gain weight as a result. The introduction of large amounts of healthy Fats into their diet in conjunction with limiting carb intake can produce very positive responses, such as increasing fat mobility and balancing energy availability during the day. Both very positive ways to increase weight loss.

Jason Hill has a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS)-NSCA. He is also Head Trainer at Pro-Fit Health Club on Six Nations. You can hear Jason talk more about getting fit on his weekly radio program, ‘The Pro-Show’ on Jukasa Radio 93.5FM or listen live online at www.jukasaradio.ca every Thursday evening from 7 to 8 p.m.

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