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    Becoming healthy again: fitness when you’re sick

    By Jason Hill HEALTHY ROOTS – For those leading a healthy lifestyle and for those looking to start down the path of focused health and wellness; the question of what to do when you’re sick seems to always pop up. Some people try to sweat away their sicknesses while...
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    Jihso:dahk – The leader of the plants

    HEALTHY ROOTS — Strawberry time is here. For the Haudenosaunee, the juicy red berry is culturally significant. According to the Haudenosaunee Creation Story, Skywoman brought strawberries with her as she fell from Sky World onto the back of the turtle. When Muskrat delivered to her that tiny clump of...
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    Four reasons to eat locally-grown produce

    HEALTHY ROOTS — (NC) Canadians are wisely increasingly on the lookout for food that is grown or produced close to home — or at the very least, in the same country. And as soon as the warm weather hits, anticipation grows for the first fresh-picked berries, asparagus and corn....
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    Understanding metabolism and your body type

    By Jason Hill Pro-Fit Health Clubs HEALTHY ROOTS – You may have wondered how some people just seem to be able to eat whatever they want. How come Bernadette in accounting can snack all day long and not gain a single pound? Meanwhile it feels like you’re waiting an...
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    Three ways to grocery shop sustainably

    (NC) Whether it’s recycling, switching to public transit or using energy-efficient lightbulbs, there are always ways to reduce your carbon footprint. But have you ever thought about making your grocery shopping more sustainable? The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) shares how shopping just a little differently can help. Shop...
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    Deez nuts: Haudenosaunee uses of Hickory

    Hickory is a traditional food source to the Haudenosaunee. European travellers who came to Iroquois Country wrote that they were actually disgusted at how many Hickory nuts the men would consume in one meal. The nutmeat is fragrant and sweet but notoriously difficult to pry from the shell. So...
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    Adapting to life without coffee

    By Kitty Lynn Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. You need that extra little push to get on with your day. Many of us depend on that one, two or ten cups of coffee. But did you know that coffee if drank every day...
  • Be Well Campaign in Grand Erieq

    Be Well Campaign Shines a Light on Mental Health

    BRANTFORD — Students will know where to get help and how to be well as a result of the Be Well Campaign that brings wellness into the heart of the conversation about mental health. “Positive mental health and well-being is essential for student success,” said Liana Thompson, Superintendent of...
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    What have been your personal victories so far on the Healthy Roots Challenge?

    Kitty: I have a few victories but the main one is the feeling of being of myself. No longer surviving on caffeine, sugar and little sleep. I enjoy going to bed, sleeping like a baby and waking feeling refreshed and ready to go. I am accomplishing more than I...
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    Participant update: Doug Henhawk

    OHSWEKEN – At first glance Doug Henhawk is kind of an intimidating looking guy, but have a conversation with him and it doesn’t take long to see that he’s not intimidating at all. “Usually people see me and think I’m threatening or something,” said Henhawk, a participant in the...
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    Healthy Roots: Reflecting on the halfway point

    6 weeks in, and Healthy Roots is officially at the halfway point. So far we’ve witnessed 9 people — and a whole community of others who are following along from home — as they’ve committed to the challenge at varying levels. In just a short time we’ve seen victories...
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    A modern twist on traditional ingredients at the Healthy Roots dinner

    NEW CREDIT – Before the meal was served at the Healthy Roots dinner last Saturday it was important to take time and give thanks for all that surrounds us — food, water, the earth, air and sky. The three-course meal prepared by Chef Rich Francis and hosted by the...
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