What have been your personal victories so far on the Healthy Roots Challenge?

Kitty: I have a few victories but the main one is the feeling of being of myself. No longer surviving on caffeine, sugar and little sleep. I enjoy going to bed, sleeping like a baby and waking feeling refreshed and ready to go. I am accomplishing more than I felt possible when I slept less. That is a victory I will continue to cherish, feeling rested!

I am exercising more and more each week and that maybe cutting down the chance for stress to get me! I am a writer of stuff and that is my go to way of working through things. I even use it to keep me on track with my food. It is easy to just skip eating but writing down what I intend to eat really takes the stress of deciding on meals. I write plans, ideas, happy things and sad. I suggest it for being stressed, write it backwards and have desserts!!!

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