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  • Our Changing Relationship to Foods: Part Two

    Our Changing Relationship to Foods: Part Two0

    By Rick Hill, Deyohahá:ge:, Six Nations Polytechnic For the next few weeks, Rick Hill of Deyohahá:ge: gives us an overview of the origin of our seeds. In Part Two, we hear about the discovery of corn, origin of animal foods, preparing food, and the sacred gamble over seeds. If you missed Part One, it’s available

  • The Hungry Farmer offers wide selection of natural foods

    The Hungry Farmer offers wide selection of natural foods2

    SIX NATIONS – Located just before Chiefswood Road at 7793 Townline sits the Hungry Farmer, a lovely log cabin full of natural alternatives to regular beef and pork — including several wild meats with the possibility of quail eggs in the future. Co-owner Doreen Martin explained that the Hungry Farmer hosts a lot of meats

  • What’s in the Bag?

    What’s in the Bag?0

    By Chandra Maracle If the Healthy Roots Challenge were a sporting event it would be the Boston Marathon.  A high level of commitment, grit and perhaps prestige comes with the territory.  Just as Haudenosaunee men known as Runners would journey on foot, along the length of what is now known as the New York State

  • Healthy Roots participant spotlight: Kitty R. Lynn

    Healthy Roots participant spotlight: Kitty R. Lynn0

    Kitty R. Lynn is, without a doubt, an idea person on a mission. A lifelong agriculturalist who currently works as a grower at Our Sustenance Greenhouse, she is known to many as the creative problem solver behind “Ask Kitty”, a gardening column featured regularly in the Two Row Times. Kitty also sits on the organizing

  • Healthy Roots Participants Q&A: January 6

    Healthy Roots Participants Q&A: January 60

    Congratulations on completing your first week on the Healthy Roots plan! What was your biggest struggle this week and how did you overcome it? Kitty: I am enjoying doing the Healthy Roots challenge very much. My struggle this week has been eating regular meals and snacks. I am kind of a meal skipper and I have been successful so far eating regularly with great family

  • Healthy Roots Substitutions

    Healthy Roots Substitutions0

    Changing dietary choices can be fun at first, but when it gets down to it sometimes old habits die hard. It’s important to know what your options are when it comes to using seasonings, sweeteners, fats and dressings on the Healthy Roots challenge so that you know you have options when it comes to preparing