2nd annual Zombie Run will raise funds for local family

A 3km zombie run fundraiser will take place Saturday, October 24 at 10 am in Chiefswood Park with hopes of generating help and support for a Six Nations family.

Aysia Elizabeth Patterson, the infant daughter of Raven Hill and Robert Patterson, was born on September 5 with a rare disease known as Aicardi Syndrome. The disease has only 4000 cases worldwide, causing tolling seizures throughout the day for many individuals affected by it.

Aicardi Syndrome happens when the corpus callosum – an integral part of the brain structure which connects the two halves of the brain – is partially or completely missing. Though the disease is incurable, treatment is available and is based around the symptoms of the individual.

Artie Martin, member of the Six Nations Zombie Run committee, expressed that choosing the recipient for this year’s fundraising event was a serious task.

“It was a big decision to decide, like ‘who needs help, and who can we help this year?’” said Martin. “I was watching Raven and Rob’s story unfold on Facebook, and I kept in touch through Facebook just to see how the pregnancy was going. So, we just want to help,” he said. “Even if it doesn’t work out this year as well as it did last year, I still want to keep it going because it’s a healthy activity for people to participate in,” he said.

Last year, the fundraiser raised just over $13,000.00 for Teiehkwa’s Journey, supporting a Six Nations youth in her battle against leukemia. Many individuals and businesses within Six Nations and the surrounding area offered to help and support to the cause.ZRO

The 2014 the Zombie Run sold t-shirts, bracelets, raffle draw tickets; and with a response from 1,100 people in a handful of days, allowed 60 zombies to chase and “eat,” or steal flags from as many runners as possible.

This year, the fundraising event will once again offer financial help to the family in need. A keepsake banner listing all sponsors and their logos will also be given to the family.

Prizes at the event will include a “zombification” make-up session and photo shoot with special effects artist Samantha Doxtator, a one hour reading with medium Kim Hadfield and much more.

“We have pooled our resources for organizing this community led fundraiser, but we are still in need of donations to make the event a smash,” the committee said in a statement. In other words, outside of business donations, athletes interested in participating in the run can collect pledges to help the Patterson family with any and all financial burdens including treatment costs and travel to a specialist.

Those interested in supporting or donating to the cause is can contact event organizer Artie Martin by cell or email; (519) 445-1968, or art@redwhip.com. For more information, you can also search for Six Nations Zombie Run on Facebook.

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