BMO delivers cheque for Chiefswood Museum

The Bank of Montreal’s Jason Cameron, Director of Aboriginal Banking, and Kristina Austin, commercial Account Manager, were at Chiefswood Historical Museum last week to bring a $500 cheque to the venerable Six Nations museum. The grant is part of the Volunteer Grants Program offered through the Bank of Montreal through the BMO Financial Group.

The cheque was gladly received on behalf of the museum by Jackie Jamieson, Museum Interpreter. Jamieson is working at the museum as a summer student this year.

Austin applied for the grant on behalf of Chiefswood because she has worked behind the scenes for the Chiefswood Museum since 1997 in one capacity or another, including serving as a board of trustees member, and is well aware of the financial needs the dayto-day operation of the museum creates.

She initially applied for the grant of $500 for a specific project, but by the time the cheque was approved, the event had already taken place.

“That’s OK,” she says. “I know there are a lot of day to day issues that this money will certainly help with. Because this year marks the 100 th anniversary of Pauline Johnson’s death, there is still an ongoing exhibit that this money can help with” says Austin.

By Jim Windle

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  1. Since no one else has the good manners to thank BMO for its gift, which is essentially a gift to the people of Six Nations, I’ll say it: “Thank you” (niawengowah) to BMO. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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