David Bouchard Brings Empowering Message to Six Nations Community

Renowned motivational speaker David Bouchard visited Six Nations last week to deliver a number of talks to students, parents and educators. Bouchard said that he emphasizes the teachings of the Great Law in his presentations.

“When I speak about the Great Law in Haudenosaunee territory, it speaks of righteousness. And it speaks of all of those things we hope our kids can implement in their lives.” Bouchard told The Two Row Times. “Right now part of the focus here in Six Nations is anti-bullying. It’s also respect, and it’s all of those things you find in the Great Law. My message to the kids starts with literacy and feeling good about who you are and building on who you are. So I talk to the kids about the fact that everyone has a gift, we just have to get on the right path and follow that path.”

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