Firefighter Recruit Graduation

SIX NATIONS, ON – On Tuesday, November 3, community members gathered within the auditorium inside the G.R.E.A.T building to experience the 2016-02 New Recruit Firefighter Class Graduation.

The New Recruit Firefighter Class consisted of Thomas Hill, Aaron Bonnevile-Seth, Howard Anderson, Kanientenhawi Deer and Cody Johnson; each were given pins and certificates to commemorate their induction.

The night opened with a Thanksgiving address recited by a member of the Old Mush Singers, followed by an introduction by Master of Ceremonies and Fire Chief Mathew Miller.

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“They have been mentally and physically tested for the last 8 weeks and now it’s time to celebrate the hard work & dedication that they showed in their New Recruit Firefighter Class training,” wrote Miller.

Wray Maracle, District Four Councillor and Chair of the Corporate and Emergency Services Committee offered his congratulations to the graduate recruits and current Six Nations Firefighters.

“It is not an easy task that these people will undertake in their heroic efforts to bring the Six Nations community fire safety, suppression, protection, and lifesaving programs. These are much needed and essential services. Keep up the great work and lifesaving efforts,” said Maracle, acknowledging the courage it takes to become a firefighter.

The 2014 Recruitment Package opens with a photo collage of photos taken from previous years, with “courage, honour, respect, discipline,” written in red. As well, an explanation of a firefighter’s duties, many of which involve bravery and physical and mental strength are included.

“On average, Firefighters respond to approximately 800 emergency incidents resulting in more than 1600 vehicle runs annually,” explains the “How to join our team” section of the package.

Individuals interested in finding more information on how to become a Six Nations Firefighter can visit

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