Former First Nation chief warned not to visit Iran

A Canadian aboriginal leader says Western media’s undeserved “dehumanization and demonization” of Iranians has such affected people’s attitude towards Iran that we were cautioned against entering the country.

The comment comes as Canadian aboriginal leader Terry Nelson is currently in Tehran to seek help in exposing Ottawa’s exploitation and abuse of aboriginal communities.

Nelson has repeatedly asked the Iranian government for help in bringing attention to the issue of Canada’s missing and murdered aboriginal women.

This comes as the UN has strongly condemned Canada’s record on children’s rights, and accused Ottawa of systematic discrimination against aborigines and immigrants.

Activists say there has been a significant rise in human rights violations together with an unprecedented crackdown on freedom of speech since Canadian Premier Harper took power in 2006.

According to reports, Canada has forced thousands of aboriginal children into ghastly boarding schools where they have been abused sexually, psychologically, and physically.

Press TV has interviewed former Manitoba First Nation Chief, Terry Nelson, to further discuss the issue.

The program featuring Nelson also offers the opinions of another guest: former Dakota Tipi First Nation Chief, Dennis Pashe.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview with Nelson.

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