UPDATE: No visible signs of cancer for Six Nations girl who left chemo

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 6.21.30 PMSIX NATIONS OF THE GRAND RIVER – The 11 year old Kanienkeha’ka girl from Six Nations who was under threat to be removed from her territory and forced back into chemo has undergone testing which reveals she has no visible signs of cancer.

The child, who cannot be named due to a publication ban, went to an Ontario hospital earlier this week for a biopsy. Her family pursued the testing and received a call from doctors Thursday night giving preliminary results that showed both her bone marrow and spinal fluid to be free of cancer.

Her mother shared a written statement with the Two Row Times Friday afternoon. It reads:

“Once we had the court ruling that upheld our right to use our traditional healthcare we sought out a oncologist who would work with our  unique situation.  I felt it necessary to have her closely monitored as we navigated through uncharted territory. Toronto Sick Kids agreed to fulfill that role. Of course we needed to hear the oncologist’s spiel about no child ever known to survive leukemia without chemo and they expect her to begin dying in mid January. I booked a biopsy for mid January. Its now 6 months following the diagnosis with only our choice of treatment.  We received the biopsy results yesterday – NO VISIBLE CANCER!!!”

In an emotional video posted by the family to a Facebook support group, the mother reports her results to the 11 year old girl. The child and her mother are seen crying and hugging. Her mother asks, “Are you as happy as I am?” The child simply snuggles into her mothers arms, wiping tears from her eyes and nods yes.

Since August the child has followed a strict protocol utilizing indigenous medicines, ceremonial healing and nutritional therapies – including consuming a 100% raw and sugar free vegan diet. She has also pursued other nutritional and supplemental therapies under the wisdom and guidance of indigenous healers and advisors across North America.

The child’s mother pulled her from chemotherapy at McMaster Children’s Hospital in favour of pursuing an indigenous and alternative therapies instead of chemotherapy. Pediatric oncologists at McMaster applied to the Children’s Aid Society of Brant – Native Services to apprehend the child citing medical neglect and saying that with 2.5 years of chemo they could guarantee an 85-90% success rate to bring her into remission. 

CAS did an investigation and did not find the child was at risk. In fact, CAS agreed that the traditional Kanienkeha’ka family had a right to pursue indigenous medicine to treat their daughter’s illness.

McMaster Health Sciences then turned to the Ontario Court to try and have a judge order the child back to chemotherapy at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

The case drew national attention regarding both child welfare and an indigenous families right to utilize indigenous medicine. At the end of the proceedings an Ontario judge dismissed the case. In his ruling he stated that indigenous people have the constitutional right to use their own medicines.

The child’s mother continues in her written statement saying:

“I believe our deep rooted faith in our medicine and ceremonial medicines, diet and exercise have been the reason for the biopsy results. I thank my Creator and all He set out on earth. I acknowledge our medicines. That they still fulfill their duties as our helpers, our healers. I acknowledge the spirit helpers that manifest themselves and their assistance in ways unknown to us still existing in the physical plane. I acknowledge my individual responsibility to look to Creation for what we need in all aspects of my family life. I acknowledge the individuals who still carry the ancient Haudenosaunee medicine knowledge. They choose to devote their lives from very early on to be a servant to the nation.I am eternally grateful to so many for the strength and support that, today has resulted in [my daughter’s] good health.”

Specimens from the biopsy are being fully analyzed at another clinic in the United States for further analysis and the child will pursue the current indigenous medicine and alternative therapies protocol for another 2 years to ensure that she remains in remission.

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  1. Makayla has died of her untreated leukemia.
    I hope that this girl’s story has a different ending.

  2. Utterly ridiculous. There are a lot of people who need to some time inside of a prison cell to reflect on the consequences of their various stupidities. The parents, for having no sense and choosing to rely on faith and quackery, and the various representatives of the system who enabled them.

  3. If only Canadians also had the right to treat their children with other therapies other than visciously toxic chemotherapy and radiation. If only…………………:(

  4. What great new for this family! I wish them all the best for their continued good health. It sure sounds like it has been a very long battle but this is an amazing example of peoples victory, proving that if you stand your ground and fight for what you believe in anything can happen!
    I hope your story and many others who have chosen alternative and natural healing instead of chemotherapy continue to inspire others to seek out this information. The Creator has given us everything we need to live healthy and happy and we need to be reminded of that and continue to give thanks for it.

      1. The chemo made her organs weak and eventually took her.That was the most ignorant statement.What do you know about traditional methods? Go ahead and be specific.

    1. My Aunty would not lie about sometin so serious……….get a grip George Spelvin! Its all Real buddy…. Serious though your not too bright….judging by your comments on other articles published in various papers…..lol. Good day my friend..much love

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