Six Nations Economic Development restructuring

Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council (Elected Council) and Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC) are collaborating to review the governance model of SNGRDC.

The current governance model has been in place since SNGRDC launched in 2015.

Since then, SNGRDC has contributed over $160 million in what it says is “direct economic impact” to the Six Nations community and over $18 million in cash to the Economic Development Trust.

The Trust hands out a portion of its funds every year to community members and organizations who apply.

SNGRDC’s current model consists of three boards made up of 15 community members.

SNGRDC said it’s time to review its business practices.

“Ultimately the goal is to adjust where needed to enable SNGRDC to achieve its long-term goal of promoting economic self-sufficiency for the Six Nations Community,” SNGRDC said in a press release.

A working committee has been struck with SNGRDC and Elected Council representatives to review the governance model. The committee will continue to rely on the findings from the “We Gather Our Voices (WGOV)” community engagement, which was used to help shape the foundation of SNGRDC.

The committee will also be referring to the 2019 Community Plan throughout this process to ensure any changes are serving the long-term needs of the community.

“This assessment will not affect job security; rather it will focus on exploring processes to enhance the pursuit of potential business opportunities and evaluate how surplus profits will be re-invested into the community,” SNGRDC said.

SNGRDC and elected council plan to launch a new model by April 2023.

More information will be provided to the community as the committee completes its review.

“We look forward to working with the elected council to solidify a new path forward in our relationship. This collaboration will be an exciting opportunity to work together to unlock the full economic potential of our community and empower SNGRDC to continue its pursuit of Autonomy 150 by 2030. We are in the early stages of discussions and are committed to upholding our values of accountability and transparency while we move through this process together,” said Matt Jamieson, President/CEO of SNGRDC.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with the Development Corporation to assist in their review of their governance structure,” said Elected Chief Mark Hill. “The work they have done since 2015 to bring millions of dollars of revenue into the community and to raise Six Nations’ economic profile is to be commended. This restructuring will further enhance the Development Corporation’s business operations and Elected Council looks forward to partnering with SNGRDC for the betterment of our community for many years to come.”

SNGRDC manages Six Nations’ economic interests in 20 renewable energy projects and other economic development ventures in and around the Six Nations territory.

SNGRDC’s current green energy portfolio is capable of producing over 1300 MW of renewable energy through its direct or indirect involvement in seven solar and 13 wind projects.

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