Becca has a new ride!

SIX NATIONS – It’s not going to be easy for Six Nations resident Becca Green to go unnoticed anymore. She will be the one driving that big orange 2014 Dodge Charger SRT Superbee.

“Are you kidding,” Green screamed when she got the call from the Six Nations Public Library Golf Tournament where the draw for the car had taken place Sunday afternoon. “I only bought one ticket.”

Ken Mt Pleasant donated the car for the draw, which raised more than $62,000 to go towards the $15 million new library, archival, and office facility. Shayne Maracle and staff at KT Tobacco sold tickets and promoted the golf tournament.

Sabrina Saunders, head librarian and her staff and volunteers have been trying to raise funds through a number of avenues.

“Actually, Ken (Mt. Pleasant) heard about the fundraising for the library and came up with the idea,” said KT manager Shayne Maracle. “We decided to jump on board. It’s such a great cause, we had no problem getting behind it.” He and Mt Pleasant are proud to have helped and are very pleased with who won the car as well.

“Becca is a lovely young lady,” says Maracle. “She is a hard worker and there isn’t a more deserving person to win it.”

KT Tobacco purchased and donated the $48,000 car for Library raffle.

“Without the generosity of Ken, the Library could never have had this successful fundraiser,” stated Don Lynch, Chair of the Six Nations Public Library Board.

“The result of Ken’s donation was so much more than the price of the car. We raised more than 1 1⁄2 times the cost of the vehicle and he gave us a great way to promote the needs for a new Library to thousands of ticket holders across the region,” added Six Nations Public Library Director, Sabrina Saunders.

The key to the Superbee was delivered to Ms. Green, Monday at KT Tobacco.

“The Six Nations Public Library and our Six Nations Archival Repository and Public Library building is still a long way away from reaching the goal of $15 million in construction,” says Saunders. “But with the $1 million promissory note from the Six Nations Community Development Trust Fund, the $3.8 million promised by Council, and the Library and Library Foundation’s own fundraising efforts, we are making great strides in reaching our goal for a modern library and archives for our community that will touch Six Nations members generations to come.”

To date, 1/3 of the $15 million cost of building the new centre has been reached and organizers are hoping for help from Provincial and Federal cultural grants.

“We are holding out hope for grants to come, but we will continue with our fundraising efforts nonetheless,” said Saunders. “If we need to raise it all, we will.”

The Golf Tournament was a success in its own right with 30 teams participating for cash and other fine prizes under perfect weather conditions.

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Correction on Library Car Raffle article

I have been made aware that there were several errors made in last week’s story(, “Becca gets a new ride.” Firstly, Shayne Maracle is incorrectly referred to as Shayne Martin-Maracle. Secondly, the article indicated that Shayne Maracle was a partner in KT Tobacco, along with Ken Mt. Pleasant which is incorrect.

As the writer of that piece, I accept full responsibility for these mistakes. As I found out later, Mr. Maracle is in fact not a partner in the business but rather manages it on behalf of Mr. Mt. Pleasant. Quotes made by Mr. Maracle were in fact from his position as manager, and not owner of KT Tobacco.

It was Mr. Mt. Pleasant himself bought and donated the car, which was raffled for the benefit of the fund raising drive for the new Six Nations Public Library and Archive. More than $62,000 was raised for the cause, which was one and a half times more than the cost of the car itself.

I would like to publicly accept responsibility for the erroneous assumption of partnership between the two gentlemen, and apologize for the mistake I made.

Mr. Mt. Pleasant singly deserves high praise and honour for his very generous donation, which was much appreciated by Librarian Samantha Saunders and the rest of the community of Six Nations at large.

Jim Windle
The Two Row Times


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