Cannabis sales sign up despite council caution

A business on Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation is advertising cannabis for sale despite a recent statement from council advising that it does not endorse any cannabis operations while leaders work on developing its own cannabis regulations.

A sign on Townline Road is advertising cannabis for $50 an ounce, just two weeks after MCFN issued a notice stating its opposition to the sale of cannabis until their own laws and regulations are in place.

MCFN Chief Stacey Laforme spoke with the Two Row Times and said, “it’s being dealt with” but could not get into detail.

“Our position is that anybody who opens up is operating without the authority of council,” he said.

Council had issued a public notice in early September stating, “Any facility or storefronts currently in business are doing so without the consent of the First Nation Council and is an illegal operation.”

MCFN has been working on creating its own cannabis control law but work was derailed during the pandemic, Laforme said.

They’ve drafted cannabis regulations that still need to be finalized, he said.

The law would involve the creation of a commission and any community members wishing to create a cannabis business on-reserve would apply to the commission to obtain a license for that purpose.

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