Chiefs and Clan Mothers invited to dinner

SIX NATIONS – A grassroots group of Six Nations people and allied supporters known as the Two Row Society hosted a dinner and discussion on the Enbridge Line 9 pipeline, which would bring toxic and dangerous bitumen oil through the Haldimand Tract. The pipeline and its repurposing to carry Tar Sands oil were pushed ahead without consultation with and against the wishes of both Elected Confederacy and the Confederacy Council.

A fine meal prepared by TRT Food Columnist “Farmer” Joe Farrell was prepared for the 25 guests, which included Confederacy Chiefs and Clan Mothers. The venue was the Six Nations Green House located behind Big 6 variety and gas bar on Forth Line Rd.

“Today is all about a seasonal dinner and meet and greet for the Chiefs and Clan Mothers,” said organizer Donna Powless. “The Two Row Society is hosting the dinner and discussion on Line 9.”

The Two Row Society has been in existence for two years and is made up of Six Nations activists and non-native allies who believe that they can advance mutually beneficial goals by working together in the spirit of the Two Row Wampum.

According to Powless, most if not all Chiefs and Clan Mothers were invited to attend in one way or another; however, only two Chiefs and three or four Clan Mothers accepted the invitation. Interim speaker Missy Elliott enlightened those who came on the dangers of the Enbridge Line 9 Pipeline after the scheduled speaker got lost and could not make it.

Elliott said she strongly believes a rupture in Enbridge’s 40-year-old pipeline is inevitable. She strongly recommended that if the HDI is engaged with Enbridge on their behalf, they should take a closer look at the cost of that potential rupture once bitumen from the Alberta oil sands is sent through it.

Elliott explained that Enbridge wants to reverse the flow of the old pipeline with bitumen, which it was not intended to carry, and which is both highly corrosive and many times more difficult to clean up than standard oil. She said that it is only a matter of time before the old line bursts somewhere.

“Between Brantford and Cambridge, for instance, the pipeline crosses the Grand River,” she said. “By reversing the flow, the main shutoff valve to protect the river in case of a rupture, is now on the wrong side of the river meaning it would have no effect on stopping a leak should it happen before it dumped its toxic oil into the river itself.”

“That Line 9 really sounds dangerous,” said Onondaga Chief Arnold General after Elliott explained why the issue is especially important to Onkwehon:we people and the protection of the earth, water and air.

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