Emily C. General students give back

SIX NATIONS – As the students at Emily C. General have just proven, you’re never too young to make a difference in your community.

What started as an idea by grade 8 student Tamara Bomberry became a student-run and organized food drive, managing to collect a total of 997 food items for the local Six Nations Food Bank. Her organizing committee included fellow grade 8 students Braylynn Maracle, Rhett General, Nick Jacobs and Ebony Maracle.

“We just wanted to come up with a way to give back to our community. We all came up with it together as a group,” says Bomberry.

Some particularly impressive work was done by Mr. Raslack’s grade 6 class, where the students collected a whopping 339 items. Rolando Henderson and his brother personally went door-to-door through Bicentennial Trail and raised 60 items themselves.

A big Nya:weh to the students of Emily C. General for their hard work, passion and love. With such thoughtful young people in our community, Six Nations’ future looks bright.

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