Fraud calls trouble Six Nations residents

OHSWEKEN — Six Nations Police are alerting the public about a fraud scam by someone claiming to be a Six Nations Police officer.

In a statement, SNP said a community member was contacted by a male with a middle eastern accent by phone, using the Six Nations police telephone number of 519-445-2811 and claimed he was a “federal constable from Six Nations Police”.

First, the man claimed the victim had to pay $2000 for an item ordered on Amazon. When the victim explained they had not ever made a purchase on Amazon another individual claimed the victim had money laundering and drug trafficking charges and said if the victim paid a fee the courts could void any warrants or charges.

The two men attempted to lure the victim to Caledonia for a money transaction until family became involved and told the victim it was likely a scam and called police.

SNP says they are investigating the incident.

Police also say not to provide banking or personal information over the phone to anyone and say Six Nations Police will never ask for money to clear charges before the court — and that if anyone attempts to demand money from you to clear up court charges to hang up and immediately contact police.

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