New Credit man gets his stolen truck back

NEW CREDIT – Larry Sault of New Credit’s prayer was answered last week when his stolen truck was returned.

The vehicle was located by Peel Regional Police almost four months after it was stolen from the Wal-Mart parking lot in Brantford.

“On November 30, 2015, my wife and I went to the movies and parked alongside the garden centre at Wal-mart,” recalls Sault. “When we came out, the truck was gone.”

Police were called in and the investigation began. According to Sault, the officer attending told him that there have been a number of thefts from the Wal-Mart lot specifically targeting Chevy and Pontiac trucks lately, usually found in or around Mississauga.

“I went home and prayed that I would get my truck back,” he says. “I wanted my truck back, not an insurance settlement.”

He waited, still believing he would get his favourite truck back. Then, just last week, he was called by the Peel Regional Police telling him they had located his truck in the parking lot of a large hotel.

When he got the vehicle back, the outside was not damaged but there was inside damage to the ignition and door lock which cost him about $400 to fix, but he got it back in one piece and that is all that counts, he says.

A cell phone was found inside the truck, which did not belong to Sault and there may be video surveillance cameras at the Inn that might show who parked the truck, so police are confident the culprit will be found.

“I just wonder if there is so many specific trucks being stolen from Wal-Mart why they do not have better surveillance in their parking lot,” asks Sault.

He also points out, “even if I caught the thief red handed, I would never even think of shooting him,” as what happened when a young Six Nations man recently went up to a house for help when his car broke down and was mistaken for a car thief, shot and killed by a non-Native home owner.

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