“Rusty” Razor sharp enough for unanimous decision

BRAMPTON – It’s been almost 3 years since Six Nations’ professional boxer, Karlton “Razor” Hess stepped into the ring competitively. But despite the ring rust caused by the lengthy COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, Hess took the unanimous decision over Jamaica’s Gregory Miller last week at Brampton’s CAA Centre.

The win gives the 29-year-old Haudenosaunee Super-middleweight, a 5-2 professional record.

The Hess versus Miller fight was on a highly anticipated card of boxing, put on by United Boxing Promotions, which drew a large crowd of boxing fans, including a noticeable and loud delegation from Six Nations and Brantford.

The long layoff played in Hess’ favour as Miller showed up overweight but was able to sweat off the excess kilograms by fight time.

Hess, on the other hand, looked fit and stronger than Miller despite the weight differential, after getting back in the gym in preparation to the event.

“I think Miller was fighting off his back foot all night,” said Black Eye Boxing Club’s coach Jackie Armour. “He had been missing workouts, obviously, during the COVID thing, but once we signed for this fight, he came back in and we worked hard.”

Armour said he could see the ring rust falling off his boxer in the early rounds before taking full control of the fight and earning the six-round U.D.

Karlton has always had a punishing body attack and it served him well in this fight.

“Miller was sent to the canvas in the 4th round with a heavy, right-handed body shot,” said Armour.

Boxing schedules have resumed and Razor will be sharpening up for his next outing.

“I was really bagged after the fight,” Hess admitted. “It’s been a while, but I’m glad for the win,” said Hess following the win.


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