Six Nations releases land claim case documents

OHSWEKEN — All of the materials filed to date in the Six Nations land claim litigation have now been posted online.

The website went live Friday evening. The materials include all the claims, responses, history and supporting materials submitted by Six Nations of the Grand River, Haudenosaunee Development Institute and the Six Nations Men’s Fire.

The Mississaugas of the Credit have also approached the courts as interveners but their materials are not on the website currently.

The posting of materials was a part of the courts directions regarding the case.

The land claim was launched in 1995 by the elected council of the Six Nations reserve. It was put into abeyance, on a hold, during the negotiations following the 2006 land reclamation in Caledonia but was restarted after the elected council withdrew from those talks.

The HDI applied last fall as an intervener and is asking the courts to remove the elected council and name the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council the only party to be compensated in the claim and says the compensation is due to all Haudenosaunee people and not just the descendants of the Grand River Six Nations people. The Men’s Fire filed to oppose the HDI claim that it speaks on behalf of all Haudenosaunee in North America. The Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation say they are not pursuing financial compensation or to challenge the Six Nations entitlement to be compensated — but rather want to ensure their history is properly represented in the courts.

Lawyers for the SNGR told TRT that it is important to note the land claim will not restore lands or change governance structures or rights to any side in particular, regardless of the outcome. It is entirely a financial compensation claim at the end of the trial.

The proceedings to hear the HDI and Men’s Fire applications to intervene will be heard on Six Nations at the Gathering Place by the Grand on May 8-10, 2023.

The website is

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