SNGREC wants to quash rumours of “turning into municipality”

OHSWEKEN — Misinformation and untruths had to be addressed at General Council Tuesday evening as elected leaders wanted to address untruths being circulated on social media that the community is “turning into a municipality”.

Elected Councillor Michelle Bomberry brought the item forward and Elected Chief Mark Hill spoke to the issue — confirming that the story is false.

“No, we are not turning into a municipality,” said Chief Hill.

It had been expressed on social media at Six Nations the last few weeks. Chief Hill assured community that the elected council has not signed any agreements to turn the reserve into a municipality. The Chief said that he was not sure where the story was coming from.

Councillor Bomberry said that the story was believed to be surrounding the council’s decision to begin following the provincial COVID closure guidelines.

The stories on social media and circulation of misinformation was reaching a fever pitch as residents were threatening to protest and organize to stop a transition that was never even happening.

Council says they will prepare a statement to address the misinformation.

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