Star Dancers summer camp a huge hit with participants

The Tsya:ta Nihati Tehotinonnyahkwenh / Star Dancers Summer Youth Camp wrapped up its programming with a social and free meal at Hank’s Place, the main site of activity for this year’s camp. This is the second year in a row that volunteers have put the free camp together for children and youth from the Six Nations and Brantford area.

This year camp coordinators choose to organize each day around a theme based on a Haudenosaunee theme. The first day covered the Creation Story, the second day built on the first, where campers learned about the 3 sisters. The third day covered the story of the Twins. The fourth day was based around the Bear clan and their role as healers and finally on the last day camp participants learned about the Ka’nikonhriyo or Good Mind.

On the fourth and fifth day camp participants visited an area farm to learn about the importance of stewardship of the land. The Two Row Times interviewed a group of youth on their visit to the farm. “I liked the garden walk and the piggies and collecting eggs,” said one young participant.

Several of the youth mentioned that they particularly enjoyed doing arts and crafts, and many mentioned that they made new friends. The efforts of the camp organizers to include traditional content did not go unnoticed by the campers. Rayana mentioned that she liked that the camp included Indigenous content and traditional cultural elements. Meanwhile another camper, Tomera, said she enjoyed making a cow horn rattle, which she plans on keeping and using to sing along with.

Makiyah loved the food and was grateful to be given such healthy and delicious snacks, much of which came from the local farm and the Our Sustenance greenhouse, many of the participants said the highlight of the week for them was visiting the greenhouse and the farm.

Most of the children will be returning to school in a matter of weeks but some mentioned that they’re already looking forward to next year’s camp. When asked if kids should attend next year’s camp, Lexi exclaimed, “Do it yes, it is really fun!”

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