Travis Squire Hill sentenced to 8 years less time served

Travis Squire-Hill was sentenced to 8 years less 948 days time served, with enhanced credit granted at 1.5 days, for the December 3rd, 2012 motor vehicle accident at 4th Line Road and Tuscarora Road, on Six Nations of the Grand River Territory that took the lives of two young Six Nations people and seriously injured one young man.

The charges Squire Hill was sentenced for were:

Dangerous Driving Causing Death to Yegwenyes Martin.

Dangerous Driving Causing Death to William Harris.

Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm to Adam Bain.

Fail To Remain Causing Death of Yegwenyes Martin.

Fail To Remain Causing Death of William Harris

Fail To Remain Causing Bodily Harm to Adam Bain.

Breach probation x2

Justice Turnball stated that Squire Hill admitted to having had 8 to 10 beers the night of the accident. He was travelling in excess of 130 km/h in an 80 km/hr speed zone. His vehicle travelled the length of a football field before coming to a stop. Squire Hill left the scene knowing or reasonably should have known that he had caused harm and possibly killed people. By leaving the scene, he impeded the police’s ability to obtain samples that would have allowed them to determine his alcohol blood content level. At the time of his arrest he had 22 prior convictions, many of which were alcohol and/or driving related offences.

Squire Hill had prepared a statement to read to the court. Members of the audience were visibly upset by some content of the statement. Squire Hill felt that the accident was “preventable from either side of the fence” and he suggested that it is required that there should be focus on getting “ATVs off the road.” He acknowledged that it was a “sad, tragic accident.” He stated that he “has the utmost respect for the families” and that he spent “the last 2 years in an environment where you have no friends or family” and where “the only acceptable emotion is anger.”

The judge was audibly emotional as he commented on the impact drinking and driving accidents have on many communities. He added that felt that laws must be changed to indicate zero tolerance for such offences. He stated that it is very difficult to have to listen to the impact these types of offences have on families and he offered his condolences to the families.

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