Two Six Nations brothers found guilty in second degree murder

BRANTFORD — Two Six Nations brothers were found guilty of second degree murder Mar. 1 in the shooting death of Andrew Davis, 27.

Davis, known as Scruff to family and friends, was shot in the head while holding his daughter.

Andrew Brent Smoke, 26, and Eric Jerome Smoke, 24, were both found guilty in the Nov. 20, 2020 death of Davis.

A jury heard that Davis had been in the middle of picking up his daughter from the girl’s mother’s home when he and the two brothers got into an argument. Andrew Smoke was the mother’s new boyfriend.

The court heard that the brothers surrounded Davis in his truck, which was recorded on video.

During the two and a half week trial, the court heard that Davis tried to dissuade the brothers and calm the situation, with the brothers accusing him of using the child as “armour.”

Clothing later found at Eric Smoke’s residence’s in Hamilton later linked him to the crime scene, among other physical evidence.

Davis’s family members cried in the courtroom when the jury returned the verdict.

Both brothers will be getting Gladue reports prepared and the sentencing for second-degree murder ranges from 10 to 25 years in prison.

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