Recent fires deemed suspicious by Six Nations Fir Marshall

Six Nations Fire Chief Matt Miller has called in the Ontario Fire Marshall’s office to assist the community squad investigate a possible arsonist targeting Six Nations of the Grand River.

Already, six suspicious fires have occurred on the territory over the last four months all within a 10km radius.

SNFD 2015 Suspicious Fire Locations Maps

Miller said that the increase in fires is not only suspicious but also taxing on the Fire Department’s resources. “On average the Six Nations Fire Department normally responds to 2 structure fires a month, with this significant increase in structure fires, coupled with our normal emergency call volumes, it is beginning to take its toll on the Six Nations Fire Service.”

Miller also said that he has grave concerns for the overall safety of the Six Nations community. “Every fire that we respond to is considered and treated as if someone is potentially inside and efforts are made by firefighters to do aggressive quick primary searches and secondary searches for victims. Although our firefighters accept the inherent risks of being a firefighter, when an arsonist is at work it unnecessarily puts firefighters and the public at risk.”

A number of leads are being investigated at this time. Additionally Miller said that the Ontario Fire Marshall’s Office and Brant County Fire are going to be helping to ensure the territory is covered for emergency services.

“Whoever is setting these fires needs to be apprehended. Whoever is setting these fires needs to know they are putting the Six Nations Community at risk. Every time we respond to a structure fire we are utilizing every emergency fire resource that we have, as a result, this leaves the Six Nations Community and its people without any emergency fire service coverage for at least 2-3 hours”

Miller is asking the public to keep a look out and to report any suspicious activity to the Six Nations Police to help assist in preventing another fire from occurring. Anyone with any information with regards to this arson investigation is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), the Six Nations Police at 519-445-2811 or the Six Nations Fire Department at 519-445-4054.

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