Rock Your Mocs Week

The 5th annual year of Rock Your Mocs will be taking place from November 8-15, in accordance to the American National Native American Heritage Month. The movement was founded by Jessica “Jayulyn” Atsye of the Laguna Pueblo from New Mexico, and has since partnered with Emergence Productions, a Native Owned Event Production Company to help take the initiative world wide.

As written on the Rock Your Mocs Page on Facebook, “it’s easy to participate by wearing moccasins to school, to work or wherever your day takes you. Or if a person doesn’t own mocs, can’t wear mocs, or perhaps their Tribe didn’t wear mocs, they may wear a Turquoise Awareness Ribbon instead. Even easier, the event takes place where you are, where you’re going and where you live.

Rock Your Mocs if a fun way to unify Native American, Aboriginal, First Nations, Alaskan Native, Indigenous Peoples globally through internet social media, participants post their photos for everyone to enjoy, sharing their stories and creating an “online photo album” by using any one or all of the following hastags: #RYM2015 #ROCKYOURMOCS #ROCKURMOCS #NationalNativeAmericanHeritageDay #Moccasins #Turquoise.

It’s like a great big fun moccasin party that everyone gets to see pictures of!” The initiative will take place for a full week to accommodate work, school, and events being organized by supporters. Events such as round dances, community walks and runs, and even group photos. Some museums have even created “Rock Your Mocs” exhibits, showcasing beautiful beadwork and workmanship.

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