Six Nations man flees from police after assaulting strip club staff, is stopped by two trees

BRANTFORD — Brantford Police were called at 12:19am to the Gentlemen’s Club on Sunday September 27th after three men were refused entry into the bar due to one male’s intoxication.  Two of the males retreated to their vehicle and returned with pool cues and began hitting the door to the bar.

Two bouncers exited the bar to stop the males and one was struck in the head with a pool cue and was knocked unconscious.  Both attackers fled prior to police arrival.  However, one of the males, a 38 year-old male from Six Nations was arrested at the scene after during his escape he ran into the darkness and became wedged between two trees.

Police untangled the male from the tree and he has since been charged with assault with a weapon.  The second male, a 37 year-old male from Six Nations who is known to the police, fled the scene and is being sought for the same charge.

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