SN Fire Department recognizes grads and staff

The Six Nations Fire & Emergency Services Department held a ceremony for a full house at the Six Nations Community Hall last Wednesday night for all to come out and recognize the new recruits graduation and firefighter appreciation ceremony.

Recruits were presented with certificates and given an uplifting speech by Rama Deputy Fire Chief Jeremy Parkin. “Take your skills seriously, take your equipment seriously. If you don’t know the answer to a question — ask,” Parkin said as he counselled the new recruits on the journey they are about to begin.

The new Six Nations Fire & Emergency Services Department graduates are: Janice Williams, Taiotorake King, Dana Callan, Jeff Tripp, Chancy Johnson, and Calvin Thomas.

In addition to the graduation ceremony, exemplary service medals were presented to those firefighters whose actions directly resulted in saving the life of a local man during a house fire on May 8th, 2015.

Honoured by the community were Captain Howard VanEvery, Brent Cronkwright, Nichole Martin, Dakota Brant, Mark Johnson, Cameron Nelson, Mark Starrett, Tonia Lariviere, Jeremy Simington and Ron Thomas.

Six Nations Fire Chief Matt Miller said, “It is the first time in the history of our department that we have presented medals of exemplary service & bravery.”

During that same house fire, firefighter Mark Starrett entered the burning house, located the unconscious community member and successfully rescued him from the house fire.

Miller said, “Firefighter Starrett is also the first ever Six Nations Firefighter to be nominated for The Ontario Medal for Firefighter Bravery, we will learn in the coming months if he will be a recipient of that award later this year.”

Deputy Fire Chiefs Marion “Babs” Hill and Vince Martin were presented with Appreciation certificates for their long service and dedication to protecting the Six Nations community.

Station 2 Captain Howard VanEvery was also presented with a certificate and gift acknowledging 35 years or service with the Six Nations Fire Department.

Ceremonies were interrupted when a live call came through for an emergency taking place on Mohawk Road. All staff were present at the ceremony with pumper tanks prepped and ready. Six Nations Fire Chief Matt Miller temporarily halted the presentations to listen to the call and immediately dispatched two crews to head out to help those in need, showing that for the Six Nations Fire & Emergency Services — protecting the people of Six Nations is top priority.

All those acknowledged during the ceremony are as follows:
Station 1 – Captain Joey Hill with Mark Starrett, Laura Beaver, Jesse Brant, Dakota Brant.

Station 2 – Captain Howard VanEvery with Brent Cronkwright, Crystal Farmer, Joshua W. Jamieson, Angela VanEvery, Chancy Johnson, Joshua E. Jamieson.

Station 3 – Captain Tom Deer with Courtney Skye, Nichole Martin, Garrett Johnson, Eugene Tjepkema, Bryan Edge, Janice Williams.

Station 4 – Captain Joshua Isaacs with Terry White, Calvin Thomas, Martin McNaughton, Brett Lickers, Jess Bailey, Dana Callan, Jeff Tripp, Amalee Jacobs, Cora Harris, Cindy Martin, Bill Porter, Taiotorake King, Ron Thomas & Captain Ron Johnson with Eric Sault, Mark Johnson, Vid Skye.

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