Violent Sexual Assault “did not occur” say Brantford Police

Brantford Police issued a statement Monday morning stating the violent sexual assault of a woman reported on Jan 31st, did not occur.

The statement says, “Investigators have factually established through the course of this investigation that a crime did not occur.”

Over the weekend people across the community were concerned for public safety after a woman said she was knocked unconscious, and raped on Dalhousie Street the evening of January 31st. The woman stated she woke up, partially clothed with her purse and cellphone nearby. Brantford Police were called and the Canine Unit brought in to investigate as the alleged suspect was unseen.

The statement also says while this may ease anxiety of folks in the community, police are urging people to be aware of their surroundings. There are no criminal charges pending and Brantford Police say the case is closed.

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