Column: Disconnecting as a means of truth-seeking

What a time to be alive! There are so many new and old ways of life (and the understandings of life) floating around us and being constantly shoved down our throats by all forms of media and communications.

Everybody in your social circle has their own opinions on what is right and what is wrong, and it’s all accessible within a moments time. We are living in a time where we can see the thoughts of every person we know; all at once, and most people aren’t holding back when it comes to making a strongly worded Facebook status about it.

If there are certain things, or topics of discussion we’d never taken the time to form an opinion on, now is the time to form one (and in a hurry) as we are being aggressively pulled in every which direction by our friends and families.

They say we are living in the age of information…but how much of this readily available information is fact versus fiction? How much of this information is legitimate versus opinion? How much of it is right, and how much of it is wrong, and most importantly: how do we find our own truths while our brains and hearts are so over-saturated with what everybody else thinks

For me, things are pretty scary in the world we live in right now. It feels as though humanity has come to a boiling point and is ready to blow at any second. I have been spending the majority of the past three months at my family’s farm trying to avoid any forms of media unless absolutely necessary, while still considering pertinent local and global issues and my own educated and heart filled truths on such matters.

Instead of reading the “comments section” on news articles to get a sense of all sides and opinions, I’ve found it much more peaceful to search my heart for its own questions and answers. Of course, all answers don’t live within me. So I educate, then contemplate, free of any direct influence.

A couple days ago I made my way through the bush at the family farm, with the intention of taking a break from trying to figure out where I stand on the things that have happened so far this year and where things may be going. It was this moment that I decided to turn my brain off, which was constantly trying to process the endless content being thrown at it, that a gift was given to me by Creator and truth was found within my heart.

As I walked through the trees I found two feathers, about six feet apart from each other: both different in size and colour. They were from two different kinds of bird both seeking shelter under the canopy of the trees. Not thinking too deeply about them, I collected the feathers (knowing that there were spirits trying to guide me on something) and continued on my walk. I knew that trying too hard to seek the message would be pointless and that all would be revealed within time.

As I made my way back through the fields, I came across two more feathers. Again, both were different in size, colour, and from different birds. I knew this could not be a coincidence, and my heart and spirit were now at attention. Not knowing their message, I again collected the other two feathers, making my way back to my family members by the ponds.

After a couple days, I finally deciphered the message which hid deep in my heart and suddenly popped into my brain without anticipation.

Two feathers…two times.

It was a message of balance: of the two sides to almost anything —the yin and yang. There is an up to every down, a hot to every cold, a good to every evil. Without both sides there is no balance, one needs the other to exist. There’s a connectedness between all energies and spirits — and like Nature, we are meant to coexist in harmony. As I contemplated this more deeply, another message was received.

Two plus two is four. When I see four, I immediately think of the medicine wheel and the four directions. Suddenly, my heart, body, spirit and mind were all at ease.

Perhaps we don’t know where things are headed, but if we follow the principles of balancing the medicine wheel and have faith in the balance of Nature and its energies, and the spirits around us trying to guide us, we might all just make it out of this thing together, in solidarity.

Look within your heart. Let the spirits guide you. Your own truths are waiting inside of you.

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