Love, respect and Defiance: Power is Sacred

Many times we get into rough waters as the Haudenosaunee family. Sometimes with each other we quarrel. When we do this we’re playing into a carefully orchestrated evil little game. I was recently talking to my black brothers in the system out here – there is a lot of red and black.

He brought to my attention that some blacks were told that the Ohnkwehonwe of Turtle Island were responsible for the hurt and slavery that occurred back in the supposed old days but has slavery really been abolished?

I have heard before by the older people that Iroquois Mohawks from Akwesasne were told that Six Nations Grand River country set up the Mush hole to take children away from their families and went to their graves hating Six Nations because this was told to them when they were kids.

The thoughts and energy of hate and anger makes us all recoil with distrust yet we constantly perpetuate it. This must stop!

Getting mad at each other and laying charges so the others get thrown to the wolves in Brantford courthouse is another bad example. We’re all family. These people have no respect for our system of governance, obviously. If they did we wouldn’t even be there.

Mohawks would get sentenced by Mohawks, Onondagas by Onondagas and for capital crimes a tribunal of all Six Nations but that’s a perfect world. The utopia that prevailed before contact.

We get mad, charge someone, then some of us know it’s not our system so they tell the crown who has been so nice and accommodating when they wanted us to testify in a colonial court.

Suddenly [the crown] turns against the witness for recanting or refusing to testify and issues a material witness warrant for whomever to have them arrested immediately. I’ve seen it happen.

It plays right into the fostered division – because they know we’re a sovereign country they carefully pit us against each other. It’s a very thorough, meticulous way they go about these sorts of things with much calculation and planning.

When they sought to abolish our sovereign Six Nations country – which they are still trying to do – they got us into negotiations in the early part of the last century. In which the crown sought to carefully stack the tribunal for the expected outcome in favour of the Dominion of Canada. The judges had to be British subjects from Ontario, so they had a vested interest in ruling against our sovereign status.

This deck stacking has happened and been happening. This particular time around the time Canada took out the Heriditary Chiefs Council in Ohsweken by gunpoint and left Chief Deskaheh to try plead his case to the newly established League of Nations which was put together for this specific kind of abuse of little countries.

Which consequently left the great Cayuga Ro:yane Levi General alienated from our beloved Grand River country because he fought for our freedom and was not allowed to return to the colony of Canada. Nothing has changed when it comes to this kind of underhanded dealings.

As long as we harbour feelings of low self-worth, hate and jealousy we could potentially and unwittingly be used as pawns against each other to further the colonial cause.

This was engineered by warfare first, then the Mush Hole. So we must know our enemies tactics but don’t use them against each other. Knowledge is power and power is sacred to those who possess it. Real power is the power of the spiritual. Luv, Wakiro!!

Love, respect and Defiance


Cam Martin


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