Sago Akwatsire,

The Onkwehonwe community in London are on the march protesting the missing and murdered brothers and sisters. There were Iroquois ceremonial songs in the air as our people and friends of the medicine wheel gathered to remember Theresa Jamieson, a member of the great Yayak Niiohontsake Confederacy. She went missing from London a couple years ago and was found in the Thames River after a search by Onkwehonwe people that cared about this sister.

We must fight to keep her memory alive and strong. We must get the word out and get voting members that are Canadian citizens to push their government to stop these blatantly oppressive tactics against the red peoples of Mother Earth. We cannot win this fight alone. There are many people on this continent who empathize with our plight. There are many people in the United States who self-identify as Native American. It is finally cool to be native. The tides are shifting, my family.

When I lived in Morongo Territory just outside Palm Springs, California, I met people every day that said they were Cherokee. Even the police officer that pulled me over in Indiana when I was coming home with 5 babies and two women to check for seatbelts told me his Grandma was a Cherokee princess.  I said, “Brother, the Cherokees are our family so you’re not going to give me a ticket right?” He said, “No, us Native Americans got to stick together”. I said “Amen to that!”

Good people out there really feel our suffering. In their hearts they know their grandparents were wrong. Some genuinely want to make it right so let’s allow them by forcing Harper’s tyranny out of office. But we need to let them know where we stand on our issues, especially the genocide of the Skywoman’s matriarchal heredity through the murdered sister’s awareness campaign, so the spirt of Ms. Jamieson can rest knowing that her abrupt departure was not in vain.

We will keep all their memories alive in our hearts as long as they beat. The Great Law of Peace is a tsunami of powerful energy that if harnessed with a Good Mind is universally unstoppable. We have to believe. I see it all the time, it’s so apparent to me I just smile and say “niaweh” sometimes.

The cure to the wars outside our door are the songs of old that are magical to all pieces of the sacred web of creation. It’s not just about murder of the two-legged – it’s also about the murder of the bark-skinned, the four legged and aquatic life. To take one strand out of the web of creation is to take away one breath of all humanity. You cannot destroy without in turn destroying yourself. Wakiro!


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