Respecting the mothers for the great good

The rise in the mothers of the world is tantamount to the great peace: after all, mothers are the backbone of humanity. Persons with this degree of importance in the natural family should be given absolute equality in every aspect of being. That’s just the way the Creator set it down upon the natural world.

Matriarchal authority was just as much a given in Mohawk villages as breathing. Mothers run our society because of the benevolent, inherent love and truth in them. The same kind of sublime feelings that are the gifts of the Creator.

Many settler European women fled the original 13 colonies and ran to the female status quo of the Iroquois confederacy of Peace, Power and Reason. The rise of the mother is unstoppable and ideologically prophetic and there is no stopping this – no matter how much insecure corporate businessmen are threatened by this rise.

However, there needs to be a fundamental shift in the power dynamic between men and women. North America being “the birthplace of equality, liberty and freedom” and the home of the last remaining world power, it is only practical that this shift will come vibrating out of North American soil and into world consciousness.

The United States of America’s founding fathers were schooled in the teachings of The Peacemaker. They used the Kayenerakowa – the Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace – as a template for the rise of a free nation. The only problem is that they never accepted the most crucial fundamentals of this harmony: a women’s love, equality and respect for nature.

The suppression of women in European society sprang from millennia of male domination and warfare, cutting their society off from compassion. This launched a vicious cycle of rape and war that lead to more bloodshed. If we are as advanced in society as we like to claim to the world we are, then all women must be given their justified right to true equality in every aspect of life: equal wages for equal work, honor and respect in fields that were predominantly male. This is the true path to righteousness.

We as the Iroquois Confederacy and holders of this truly unique and natural world perspective must push for this for we are the spark that is going to catch the whole damn world on fire and there is no stopping it. This is the re-raising of the Tree of Peace.

We must push America to fill the loopholes their founding fathers left with truth. The true vision of the Peacemaker’s Utopia is women equal in their proper place running society. Operating in freedom of thought and action with peaceful respect of the natural word and its inhabitants.

Most importantly, the ceremonies that give power to the natural world circle us, reciprocating energy. If we want a perfect society we have to work hard for it. We Haudenosaunee were told to take our Great Law out to every shore in North America. Now it is time to push out farther – to the entire planet. Wakiro!

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