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These back and forth, up and down temperatures definitely seem to be getting the best out of all of us lately. It’s almost like its left us in a dizzy confusion, on whether to go one way or another, and whether or not it’s the right time or the wrong time. In addition, it would seem humans aren’t the only ones affected by these tug-of-war conditions.

The other day I read an article about birds and how they can, sometimes, desperately struggle during this time of year, and how this year has been one of the hardest seen in many years. Migratory birds rely on the weather as their cue to make a move. Now facing climate change and unexpected and unpredictable weather, it leaves the birds vulnerable and puts their lives at risk. Early or late migration has an impact on availability of food, and dangerous temperatures and conditions are too extreme for the birds to survive.

The article I read was urging the public to put out bird feeders to help any struggling birds. It said even the smallest effort (like one bird feeder) could make the world of a difference when it comes to the survival of many lives.

Immediately, I was compelled to run out and buy a bird feeder and seed. I thought about how menial it was for me to make such a powerful impact, and it made me wonder why it took me so long to realize something so simple yet impactful.

The more I thought about the simple act of selflessness, I began to realize parallels between feeding the needy birds and the life supporting simple-acts-of-kindness in our most direct and personal relations. I realized how necessary it is to “set out our bird feeders” for the people and the energies surrounding us.

Relations are just like a living thing, and can become delicate during a substantial change of state.Like the innocent and fragile birds, they can quickly fall victim to unexpected conditions. Comparable to the migration every spring, we can rely on relationships and their steadfast consistency, year after year. It is almost as if they completely self-sustain. However times can get tricky and unpredictable. This living thing can only self-sustain under prime conditions and something must be done to help it survive.

As we are all connected, we cannot be in true harmony unless we are all in individual harmony. If something is blocking your individual flow, remove it. And if you can’t, have faith that someone close has put a bird feeder up to help you through.

As I hung my bird feeder I didn’t feel proud…I felt hope. I’ve been that struggling bird before, and the only thing that kept me alive was a chance to keep going.

Be kind to one another and feed each other’s souls. Don’t be afraid to give chances.

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