Heads under water

By Quin Staats – I guess it would be a little predictable for me to write about the recent flooding, but true to my own nature, how could I not dive into the multitude of lessons under Mother Nature’s sudden roar of pure force? Nature can only communicate to us in so many ways. It doesn’t have the privilege that humans have to communicate on many different levels, a privilege that is all too often taken for granted or even taken advantage of.

So I spent some time with Nature, and tried to figure out exactly what was being said. What parallels could I find in the devastating flood and a lesson for my own spirit? Maybe even a greater lesson for the whole?

Nature is a force to be reckoned with. Weather is something that affects us on a daily basis and in most cases is so minor that we don’t notice it. But once in a while, it does something unstoppable and demands our attention and respect.

Nature doesn’t always necessarily work with us, but we mostly notice when we feel it is working against us. But even in the occasion of its shrewd temperament, it does something beautiful for us. In the wakes of Natural Disaster, Human kind is propelled into each other’s arms and come together in our own powerful, unstoppable movement.

Although we live symbiotically with Nature, we are still our own “gear” in the grander chain. Similarly to making sure all four quadrants of our well-being are each well-greased wheels, and our individual spot in Human kind, communities need to be balanced to be a part of town, city, province, country, etc. We as human kind, collectively, need to be well balanced in order to properly function with Nature.

The flood showed me a plethora of humility and selflessness from my community. It taught me that the world will keep spinning, and that we must find peace and harmony amongst ourselves or else the world will continue turning, leaving us all behind. Until we work together we cannot rotate with Earth and Mother Nature at its given pace.

It taught me to hug my mothers: human and Nature Mothers.

I guess in the most simplest terms, the world will keep spinning, the river will keep rolling—unstoppable and without mercy. Us humankind, made up of the same creation, must take note from our brothers and sisters of the Natural world and keep moving; just as unstoppable and immovable as a wicked flood.

We must take our heads out of the devastation of the flood, literally take our heads from under water, and take a look at the bigger picture. Although Mother Nature can be cold and cruel at times, it’s the warmth in the hearts amongst ourselves that a flood cannot devastate.

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