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There are definitely some people with professional titles in dire need of some sensitivity training when it comes to dealing with Onkwehon:we people involved in the Children’s Aid Society court system of suppression. Especially if they’re going to be infiltrating our Six Nations territory.

I once had the pleasure of being involved in a circus fiasco and emotional rollercoaster ride all at once. It’s ok, I can handle it. It’s my job as a Kaniakehaka Wakataioni Rotiskenna to do security and warfare, just as it is the bear and turtle clans’ job for diplomacy and medicinal cures.

I was threatened by some Toronto person of African descent to sign some paper that I had no idea what I was signing away. She came across as a nice woman – until I started questioning her sincerity since this case has been going on forever.

She tried to tell me we had no say in these matters, and Six Nations is no different than Peel Region or the ‘hood she was raised in. I said, “Where is the Native services branch?” She said, “Brantford.” I asked, “Why isn’t it in Ohsweken?” She replied, “Because we were asked to leave.” I said, “Exactly. What if someone asked the CAS to leave Hamilton or Toronto, would you?”

She said “No.” I said, “Exactly, you were kicked off Six Nations because it isn’t Canada. Canada is psychological and in your mind. Show me the date the Iroquois Conferederacy/Yayak nio hon tsake in our own language has surrendered and I’ll gladly sign your document.”
She didn’t like that, nor could she provide me with an answer. So she escalated the situation into a threat to make my kids crown wards in an orphanage.

I clarified my position. “The Six Nations Haudenosaunee are free, distinct and sovereign,” I said. “Why don’t you try it and see what happens. I’m sure that if the sheriff that read us that injunction at Kanonstaton in 2006 that ordered us off our own land – and then couldn’t enforce it with 500 police officers – then we’re not too worried about you.”

The whole meeting attitude of the person stunk. They were downright ignorant, and culturally insensitive to where they are working and what they are doing. This is the whole policy maker’s plan. They sit back and watch two Indigenous people bicker and argue and then laugh at us both.

One completely happy with getting kicked around, and one sovereign Mohawk trying to be free of mind, because freedom is a state of being tempered with respect and love for all of creation. That’s the ultimate goal.

It’s up to the enslaver/oppressor to try take away our peace that is why we must have a strong good mind with seven spans’ thick skin for these kind of coercive techniques. If the Haudenosaunee of the Grand River are set to take over our at-risk children’s destiny, we must make sure we don’t go from bad to worse.

Because if you follow the money for the new Six Nations Children’s Aid agency it leads to Ottawa, and what good ever come from there when it comes to our wellbeing? They still use words like “apprehension” and “invasive.” We should always take heed when Ottawa does things for our protection. Just like this new Bill C-51 on terror is one more step in the 1,000-year-old plan of world domination and absolute control over every living being in the world. We are going to have to go live in the bush as clans very soon.

And as we all know, child protection agency is a pretty little ribbon on an old word – genocide.

Apprehension and care means to take your kids back to the mush hole and finish you irritating Mohawks off. Once and for all. If we were going to die off we would have been gone long ago. We are on the rise and moving faster but it’s definitely a war with many wounds and tears. You have your own unique way of doing everything, no need to step outside our own circle. Tekanawita said watch for traitors. Stay unified using Peace, Power and Reason and you’ll never be conquered.

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