A dream for our women

Dear Editors,

I had a dream and I was asked a question. If I could not speak to another woman, what would it sound like? In my dream I was put out in front of all these people and had to answer. I took my dream to mean that I had to put it out to our people. I started writing my thoughts down with no direction to them. It’s not poetry or music, its just honesty. None of us can live without our women, the mothers of our nations. This is the start of my living vision to improve the overall relationships and perceptions in regards to Onkwehonwe women.

My mother was young when she gave birth to me and my father didn’t play a role in my life. I was forced to grow up fast because of the living environment I was in was very negative. There were strangers in my house partying all the time with broken alcohol bottle’s and used condoms lying around. I would be playing outside unsupervised until 11pm at night without eating with my stomach in pain from being empty. I had no connection to my cultural roots. I grew up wild, and so I became wild stealing, doing drugs, and getting into trouble.

When my dad left my mom became very reclusive and had low self-esteem; but through time she turned it around. She graduated from college with honors for social service work and is helping people today. I love my mother and am very proud of her for who she is. I changed when I had my daughter at 16 years old and now at 30 I have 5 children. I love and respect all the women in my life for who they are. In 2009 I received the Canadian medal of bravery and an eagle feather from my dad David R. Maracle, as a firefigher.

In time my focus has narrowed to doing a spoken word CD with David R. Maracle creating the background music who fully supports what we are doing and I also reached to Rapper James Blood who has a large youth following.

James Blood’s upbringing as a child was similar. He lived in group homes and had no connection to his cultural roots. His mom was 15 when James was born. When he arrived at Six Nations for the first time, he found bikers drinking whiskey and cleaning their guns at his moms kitchen table with used needles lying around. James is with Tru Rez Crew, a highly successful rap group, and has a solo career. He supports the concept and believes in the importance of what we’re doing.We want it on CD and played on our radio stations.

We took a very close look on what’s out there and found very little was honest and sincere in regards to the women. I thought where’s the real men to fix this? We want the women to feel it and for it to be heartfelt. I want to have a grandmother say to their granddaughters look at what they are doing and you are valued. We want to stop the cycle of abuse, we have daughters who deserve a better life. Men should take care of their kids and raise our daughters.

We just want to put it out there for those men who can’t express themselves to find their way.This project will help us with our self learning and making a huge impact with the youth.

In peace, friendship and respect,

Marcus “Youngblood” Monture

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