And what about the water?

At least on one point the Crown agrees with me. Of course not saying what was really done. This makes it so very important on what I was saying earlier, we do not have a Treaty with the Crown and this fact of ApliedvTrickery then takes us all back to 1612, proving that the Crown Beached our first Treaty with the Crown, the Two Row Wampum Treaty Of 1612-14 amended to include Watersheds with subject Rivers, creeks, And streams of water including the Great Lakes.

As the waters finds its sources from the Sky to the Grounds into Watersheds to all water bodies then flows out of North America by way of Grand River (Renamed St. Lawrence River in 1924) then into the Atlantic Ocean.

There’s more, but not here.  I just want to get your attention of what’s involved. Then maybe you’d join me in building up the legal argument that could quite possibly take us back to 1612, at the time it was no question who owned the East Coast Of North America Starting at the Mississippi River then East to the Atlantic Ocean plus 6 Miles International Line.

Graham Steve Porter-Hill

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