Anishinabek land defender and prankster marching across the country to bring attention to interpersonal violence

Hello sibling,

[tweetable alt=””]Interpersonal violence is an everyday, systemic reality for colonized people in so-called Canada.[/tweetable] While we support the thousands of struggles for accountability for missing and murdered indigenous women; for reparations for centuries of genocidal government policies that continue to this day; against the ongoing and historic theft of indigenous lands and waters; and against a massive state repression and incarceration apparatus that haunts indigenous lives, our communities are scarred by violence against one another and ourselves, which can’t be separated in its origins from all the above.

Giibwanisi (Red-Tailed Hawk, Richard Peters) is an Anishinabek land defender and prankster that is marching across the country to bring attention to the epidemic of interpersonal violence that plagues both Native and non-Native lives. Giibwanisi has lived through and been shaped by brutal violence on a personal level, and is walking from Victoria to Ottawa, stopping at many communities along the way, to bring attention to this epidemic. As a decolonizing person, he wants to stir up awareness and think through solutions through an Anishnaabek spiritual lens, and hopes to share his ideas with and hear from others from every nation along his path.

Giibwanisi is part of a larger vision, inspired by Anishinabek man James Taylor. Giibwanisi and his partner Janine Caster need to raise money to support themselves on this difficult journey. They need funds to support themselves with shoes, camping equipment, food, medicine, and other supplies.

This will help them visit as many communities as possible, sharing wisdom and prophecy, and generating dialogue on an issue that affects everyone.

Money left over will go towards other Anishinabek initiatives such as future walks, ceremonies, and land-based skills workshops. He urgently needs your support to make this walk as powerful as it can be.

Please give what you can through his GoFundMe campaign page:
Miigwetch and solidarity,

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