It’s not a bar

To the Editor.
Anyone know of that big, beautiful building on 6th line and Chiefswood Rd? You know, it’s that one that was intended to be a bar. Is that what that is?

Actually it’s not. Nor will it ever be. Yet a Six Nations councillor says it is. How in the world did she know that? Did she ever sit with the owner and discuss what his building was going to be? I wonder how this person would know such a thing. Well after speaking with his best friend and their three children, they tell me no such meeting has ever taken place. Why even all his friends didn’t know what it was to be. He didn’t even know what it was going to be. I too asked him many times what it was going to be.

Bottom line is no one knew. But this Six Nations councillor did. She is quoted in the Expositor that this big, beautiful building was intended to be a bar. Now I ask again, “how the heck did she know that”. Not only that, but of all the ‘alcohol shacks’ she mentioned she only names one! Why? The confusing things is, her and that building are neighbors. Aren’t we taught to love thy neighbor?

I find it very striking that someone who sits on the elected council has the audacity to speak ill of someone and write about it. Does she feel she is superior to everyone and above all others? Maybe she thinks she does.
What I see, if I may, is clearly someone who benefits off the backs of the people by exploiting this territory. Is this what working on an elected council does? Is this a requirement to be a councillor? Does the elected council vote on a councillor to go around and back stab someone/something on their same territory? Is there a back stabbing 101 room there at the elected council building? Ever since this councillor has been on council, she always lashes, exposes, rants, exploits, etc., etc. about the people of her very own territory.

Why would she want to cast a bad light on the people of this territory to the outside world? I have told this council before that the government just loves to see all this internal fighting. They want to see all the bad that’s happening on Six Nations. Now here’s this councillor playing right into their hands.

Now to sum it all up. What was the title of that story in the Expositor? Oh “Six Nations not so dry.” Whatever. Well let me tell you something. We have always had ‘alcohol shacks’ and probably always will. But unlike her, I don’t need to mention names.

But I will tell you all something. That big, beautiful building serves this territory and the surrounding others very well. It has hosted weddings, birthdays for all ages, bazaars, benefits, social gatherings, the Peoples Gathering, a church event, a Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women event and a fun fair etc.

It is not a bar, it will never be. So before this councillor or anyone like her, decides you can say whatever you want, perhaps you should think before you blurt. You were taught that right? And, another thing it is not our way to speak ill of the dead. The owner is no longer with us. Let him rest. Remember he still has his three children, his best friend, and he still has many friends left here to defend his name and I am one of them. Perhaps you should rant, lash, expose and exploit your own backyard. Now that’ll be a story.

Rhonda Martin

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