Cancer support group thanks donors

Dear Editors,

The Miles To Go Cancer Support Group would like to thank all the people that donated food, money, prizes and/or time and to all the people that collected pledges to make our 8th Annual “Night of Caring & Sharing” a huge success.

Thank you to the following people that donated money, prizes and/or food: New Directions, Health Promotions, Genina Hill, Gunner and Dianne Hill, Turtle Island News, Galaxy Theater (Brantford), Grace Buck, Village Pizza, Maracle Man, Art Porter and Associates, Fran Davis, Arnold Jacobs, Theresa Freeman, Wray Maracle and Family, Jimmer and Girls, Tonia and Girls, Tina and Family, Trisha, Rushton and Girls, Lorraine Clause.

Thank You to the following groups that set up information booths: Healthy Babies/Healthy Children (Breast Feeding Coordinator and Maternal Child Centre), Long Term Care (Cancer No More), New Directions, Fran Davis (Spiritual Readings).

A Special Thank You goes out to Gunner, Justine and Jason for all the help in getting tents set up and taken down for us, Frank Smith for the great music selection, High School Volunteers – Hunter, Hayden, Emily, Jerriann, Fiyonna, Summer, April, Bradley, Youngsters: Jacob, Julie and Mya and all the Group Members that work so hard to make the “walk” come together year after year.

Many Thanks to anyone we may have missed – just know that we appreciate all that the Community has done and we would not exist without your support.

Highest Pledges – In Honour of Lindsay Hill – $820.00. 50150 Winner- Blossom ($475.75). Total Amount Raised for the 8th Annual “Night of Caring & Sharing” – $5,480.90

Hope to see you all again next year!

Cam Staats

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