Clarification from John Kearns

Subsequent to recently stating the facts in response to unfounded criticism of the Kearns Disintegration System presently set up at the community landfill, I have said and stated from the start, this equipment has to have Garbage Fed to it Continuously so as to maintain combustion and environmental friendliness.

Additionally, intermittent firing and extinguishing of the machine can compromise the service life of the apparatus over the long term. Therefore I shut the system down until a resolve to this operational dilemma was found.

Today I’m very pleased to say such a resolve has been found and supported by the SN Band Council. This new plan will involve bringing in Kearns International staff from our factory in Cape Breton to support the local workers by sharing their experience and commitment to operating the facility. We are extremely pleased with the community’s desire to help us resolve the burgeoning problems at the local dump, and the revitalization of the long lasting redundancy of the former “Thermal Oxidation Building” which will be the home of the permanent system following acceptance of the disintegration science demonstrated by the loaner machine we brought to give comfort and solace to the people of this community, considering your earlier experiences with other suppliers.

I sincerely apologize for any unintended criticism of the many great workers who have come forward and are presently assisting Kearns International, in bringing this resolve and good jobs to “Six Nations of The Grand River”. We look forward to a long and lasting relationship with you in bringing innovative solutions to this ancient yet nagging problem of waste disposal currently plaguing the world.

Most Sincerely,

John Kearns

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