Letters to the Editor

As a native from the Mohawk Nation at Grand River Territory, with gratitude and appreciation I strongly thank Mr. Jim Windle for his time, listening and discussing on the matter of the Loft Family, particularly about Lt. Frederick Loft for his active Duty in the First Great War.

I think Jim for his knowledge, understanding and writing skills to clearly keep the engaged. I also thank “Two Row Times” and Staff for publishing an article pertaining to Fred on Remembrance Day and for all there interesting stories, facts and history throughout our community.

As people it’s in our nature to forget as time has forgotten those from our past, so let it be written in stone so that we the people of today continue to teach the importance of our own history to the people who have yet to come.

It has been said, so let it be written:

“When you lose history you are losing the people, in order to find what was lost, you have to go back to where you started.”

Truly Grateful,

Rope Loft

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