HCCC, Elvera Garlow releases statement

This statement was posted to Facebook in regards to the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council meeting last Saturday at the Onondaga Longhouse on Six Nations.

“I was given permission to speak by the three sides of the fire at HCCC today,” wrote Garlow. “There seems to be questions around the responsibilities of the finance board. It was said that “we (the HCCC) created a monster.” ”

“I explained that the finance board (Ogwawihsta Dewasyne) of which I am a member was following through with the terms of reference approved by HCCC. The finance board has three responsibilities: financial monitoring on behalf of the HCCC, assessment of the project proposal submissions for HCCC approval and monthly reporting to the HCCC.”

“Colin Martin presents all of our reports to HCCC. Rick Saul CGA (accountant) works with our board as well as HDI administration in finance.”
“Based on the finance (Ogwawihsta Dewasyne) report today, Chiefs decided to discuss at their Feb. 14 and 15 Retreat the following:

  1. Agenda process of HCCC
  2. Improvement to the meeting minutes. Suggestion was made to approve a helper to the HCCC secretary
  3. Land lease dollars budget (estimated at $2 million per year) Chiefs recently approved to pay legal costs to Dec. 31, 2017, for Burtch ($366,517 to date plus other costs received but not paid yet) through using these funds. The land lease funds are to be used for community projects for language and culture. The HCCC will make a decision on whether or not the Burtch legal fees should be paid by the HDI administrative budget.”

“I mentioned to the HCCC that people are looking to them for leadership and encouraged them to use the land lease funds to strengthen our house, the HCCC, by having classes to learn or become more knowledgeable about treaties, the Great Peace, the Code etc. and learn to speak a language while being given a stipend. Food for thought. Nya’weh for letting me share!” She finished.

The only concerns noted on the post were the purpose of a retreat as well as its function.

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